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What we offer:


Here at CTS, we help the student learn through a variety of stimuli. We teach primarily from an acting point of view. When dancing the student learns to tell the story through their bodies. When singing it is about being in character and again simply telling the story of that character.

Past students in a production.


Following on from our mission. We care about you the student! Adult or child, we want to help local talent be seen and heard. If it's to train and be in the profession or just for fun. Meet friends and build confidence. Acting in full-scale productions in Professional theatre venues- Friends- Trips- Awards Days- Party's- Professional acting agency to find you paid work also Backstage experience from lighting to sound.

Past student singing in show.

Singing can support children’s learning and emotional development. One way or another, children are exposed to and involved with singing from their earliest years. Whether it’s a parent singing them to sleep, or the opening theme song from their favourite TV programme, singing plays an important part in a child’s development. At CTS we learn to create characters and tell the story through the song. 
Past students dancing in a show.

Dance is a way of perceiving, a body of knowledge, and a personal and social experience. It is through dance that our students actively engage in learning to use movement to communicate and express their ideas, feelings, and thoughts. It helps define certain societies and periods in time contributing to a broad body of cultural knowledge. Creating believable characters and telling stories through dance.

"All performing arts whether it be drama, dance or singing is just telling the story. Nothing more, nothing less...."  Dean Finlan

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