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Performing arts and Drama help children and adults alike. It helps teach basic human interactions to more in-depth psychology by building self-knowledge and confidence.


Drama isn't just for those who are eager to be centre stage. It's also very important for those who are lacking confidence and basic communication skills. We at CTS aim work to through structured fun and games adding that social bonus. To know oneself is to be confident, resulting in strong self-esteem. We just give that gentle touch in the right direction.


Drama helps to build the basics and lets either the child or adult put the icing on the cake so to speak. Much of drama is human interaction. From watching others, taking other opinions and giving constructive feedback. Helping the student to accept full responsibility for their own behaviour. All this comes out through the games and exercises, through discussions and improvisations.


When in production we delve into the world of the writer and create characters and discuss all aspects. We encourage the students to show initiative and how they fit in the world with those around them.


Our drama room isn't a place you can pigeon-hole. Look around and you will see the school jocks, cheerleaders, goths and geeks all mixing, sharing and learning in a happy environment. This is stereotyping when in fact they are just children, in our school, there is no type, faith or religion. Yes, of course, people naturally judge others and stereotype those around them. No matter the student's background, no matter their faith we have a safe space to learn and make friends.

In our drama room, the students learn to acquire knowledge and tolerance of others cultural differences and learn to respect the many cultures that society has to offer. Purely by the social interaction that drama and performing arts give to the student. Most important the mirror that drama holds up to the child. Again, to know oneself is to be confident and happy. 


In conclusion, the drama is a vital part of the learning and growth of youth and social interaction. It's for all ages and gives children a good start and idea of human interaction, psychology, cultures, laws the list goes on.....



                                  Dean Finlan

                                  Artistic Director.



                Ann Gaunt

Dean's theatre school as really developed my son's reading. He had an astounding report in his reading this yr, I believe it's due to drama school.... Andre Prentice

Was really welcoming and I managed to settle down, make new friends and feel part of the company in such a short space of time, helping me to become more comfortable and confident! I love it there!....  Ellie-Marie Vorsman


           Jarrett Cassie

Our Mission

The drama school is amazing, brings confidence to the pupils and raises self esteem, brings the society to learn how teamwork should play out as well as learning the highest forms of drama by some of the best actors. Dean♥ ..... Anna Louise

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