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Who am I?



I am a professional actor, director and teacher .... 

For over 15 years I have worked in the Performing Arts Industry in a range of capacities. To date all of my jobs whether within teaching or in sales, customer service has involved working with the public which I enjoy and get great job satisfaction from. I have worked with all ages and capabilities from as young as 4 years of age to adults with learning difficulties. While studying at college and university I worked at private theatre schools and the prestigious Birmingham School of Acting of the weekend. In between my professional acting career, I have worked as a drama specialist and cover supply teacher. I have found that the Performing Arts helps children and adults alike. It helps to teach basic human interactions to more in-depth psychology. Building self-knowledge and confidence.


As an actor, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge which no book can teach you. This knowledge I have found has and still benefits me when in the classroom or directing. Although I learn every day, from those I teach, those I direct and those I meet along the way. We never stop learning. One thing I have found is that drama isn't just for those who are eager to be centre stage, but for those who are lacking confidence. In a classroom environment or when I worked with adults with learning difficulties, I used structured fun and games. To know oneself is to be confident, resulting in strong self-esteem.


Much of drama is based on human interaction and from my experience in the classroom, people learn from the interaction. From watching others, taking other opinions, giving constructive feedback. I have learned crowd control as I have worked in many schools that have behaviour problems. Giving the child or adult a mirror that drama holds up to them. To really know themselves and the people around them no matter what colour, religion or social background. I find that drama is a great social hub in any community and will always be present.


As an actor and teacher, I have worked in many schools, college's, and in many multi-cultural areas. Having acquired knowledge and understanding of others and cultural differences. To learn and respect the many cultures society has. Working with behaviour issues to learning difficulties and different cultures has opened my eyes and sponge of knowledge which as a result will be passed to others. I want to share the knowledge and experience I have gained.

How can I help you?


There are many ways my expertise can help. Whether you are a child studying drama or an industry professional looking to build your public speaking confidence I can help.

I have shortened the many pro's into 5 categories to help you choose the area you need help. Take a look at the following and see where you feel you need that helping hand:

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1- Single session = £30

2- Month: Full price £120 -10% discount = £108

3- Full term: Full price £360 -20% discount = £288

For over 20 years I have worked in the Performing Arts Industry in a range of capacities. To date all of my jobs whether within teaching or in sales, customer service has...
DLF- Tuition
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