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Our Schools Project

Schools Project

CTS offers the following services for your school:

Company Theatre School is on an exciting mission to bring the arts to the next generation of children. Making it as easy as A, B-C!

We want to fill that void in your school and provide educational after-school care with our affordable and professional staff. Your children will learn to play through drama, dance and singing. Choosing from many packages you tailor your package to suit your needs and we will do the rest. We also provide sports and martial arts after school clubs this is all explained in our packages section on the following website:

We are offering our first trial workshop free so you get to see what we do.

CTS offers the following services for your school:


Drama teacher lead workshops and engage with fun and learning through games.

Singing teacher teach vocal and chorus singing.


.... this role is to take the pressure off of the drama department in high school or teachers in lower school who are busy. We direct your productions and communicate with the school to create a personally tailored rehearsal schedule.


We at CTS are aware things get busy with the high demands from schools to tick every box. We are here to help take some of that pressure off and supply professional but affordable staff. So, you crack on with your marking and we can lead the future of tomorrow on their dramatic journey.

You are in control

You pick and choose from our packages. You can have drama on Monday and dance on Tuesday. Or if you just wanted one of our directors to come in and direct your show then simply pick away. We have a large list of professional actors, dancers and singers with real-time experience as well as teaching. Also, not to forget our sports coaches and martial arts teachers.  All staff are fully DBS checked.

We also supply football and martial arts.


We have set costs to supply our staff who are the best at what they do. For long term contracts, we can negotiate. Usually, our after-school clubs run for 2-3 hours as soon as school finishes. Just in time for mom and dad to collect. You are in control of your unique service provided by CTS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us now and ask any questions and we can get the children on their dramatic journey.





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